Wait, did you read that right? A 60 hour fast!?! I don’t think so; I would die.

That’s quite literally what I thought when I first heard about the concept of a 60 hour fast, but once I read people’s success stories, I realized I could do it. I mean honestly, you can do anything at all that you put your mind to. Am I right? Yes!

Here are some benefits to fasting:

  • It gives the digestive system a rest
  • can help you beat addictions (sugar anyone?)
  • It is a great way to start a healthy diet
  • normalizes insulin sensitivity
  • can reduce your hunger levels
  • promotes the detoxification process
  • it whitens the eyes and clears the complexion
  • can reduce high blood pressure
  • it can boost the immune system

But here’s the best part…you are still fueling your body. It’s not 60 hours of just water and nothing else. You start Sunday evening by drinking a Chocolate or Apple Tea before bed and than Monday and Tuesday your drinking ketones, broth and tea throughout the day. There were only a couple times throughout the two days where I felt hungry and each time it was right before it was time for my next drink so the hunger feeling didn’t last long. The community of others doing the reboot was also incredibly helpful. Knowing there are others right beside you doing the same exact thing and drinking the ketones, tea or whatever at the exact same time as you, just made you feel better along the way. And I can tell you that every single thing in this kit tastes GREAT!

The 60 hour reboot looks like this:

After the 60 hours I had lost 5 pounds and honestly felt AMAZING! My body felt clean, light and refreshed…I don’t know how else to describe it. On Wednesday when the fast was over, I wasn’t even hungry right away. I got right back on track with my intermittent fasting and had my first meal at 11:00AM. I didn’t miss a beat.

Here are my results:

The biggest question I had before doing this was could I maintain the loss after the reboot…and I did! As long as I keep my eating in check and don’t down an entire large pizza, I’ve had no issue maintaining the loss. After doing this once, it’s something I plan to do monthly. If you are interested in joining me next month, shoot me a message. I’ll connect you with my friend and we can do this together! The reboot package for April 15th just went on sale and it will sell out fast, I just got mine and can’t wait!

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