Why does picking a protein shake need to be so difficult? You see so many opinions of what you need and don’t need online and it can honesty be overwhelming. You also see celebrities promoting certain brands that they probably don’t know much about. Maybe they do, I don’t know, but I am writing this post in hopes that it helps you make an educated decision on what protein to go with.

Let’s first start with WHY.

Why should you drink a protein shake every day? What’s the point? I’m not a body builder. I mean I honestly struggle trying to get myself moving 30 minutes a day just a few days a week so WHY would I NEED protein shake?

  1. You can up the nutritional intake that you are getting into your body every single day.
  2. Manage blood sugar
  3. Manage food cravings
  4. Detoxify your body.
    • Detox is a natural function of our body that it does every single day. You want to try and optimize those detox functions daily by reducing the toxic load. You can do this in a few different ways:
      • Eat less processed things
      • Stay away from artificial sweeteners
      • Increase your nutritional intake daily – We know there are natural properties, mostly in fruits and vegetables, that will help your body maximize that daily detox function

Top 3 things I look for in a shake:

  1. Nutrition label – whole food sourced
    • Supplements are not regulated so a lot of toxins can be found in them. No one is monitoring what’s going in those or what’s on the label. They can even list something on the label that ISN’T EVEN IN IT! Or add unnecessary ingredients without listing them or needing to label them because there’s no regulatory system on them.
    • That’s super important to me when looking at something I’m going to use daily like a protein formula.
  2. NSF Certification – Ingredients
    1. NSF Certification is a 3rd party entity that is going to monitor the product to make sure the following:
      1. What they say is on the label is actually in the packaging! This way you know what you’re getting.
      2. Testing the product for every toxin known to man. AGAIN, making sure we eliminate that toxic load.
      3. I only learned this a few years ago which is why I switched protein formulas…and because the one I’m using now is actually cheaper.
    2. A lot of whey proteins are full of toxins. Now take this with a grain of salt because a lot of things have toxins. They occur naturally in our environment. But if I’m going to have something daily, I want it to be as pure as possible. ESPECALLY because I give it to my kids. I know what’s in it
  3. Good Source of Protein
      • 3.Good Source of Protein
        • Variety of plant protein
        • Fiber
        • Something I can feel good about giving my kids (Again, this goes back to the nutrition label vs. supplement label for me)
        • It’s important that you are choosing a whole food option. Something that is a good quality shake formula so we are minimizing the toxic load that we are putting into our bodies, but optimizing the detox function of our body.

I challenge you to drink a protein shake DAILY for two weeks and see how you feel. It’s amazing what it will do for your body and for how you feel. I almost always have mine for breakfast because that is the time of day when I need something quick, easy and nutritious. If you need some help picking out the protein shake that is right for you, feel free to message me.

Here’s my favorite smoothie that I make almost daily.

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